The Trust has sought to achieve its objectives through:

Captive Breeding
Re-introduction programmes
Rehabilitation programmes



The National Birds of Prey Trust is a charitable organisation dedicated to the conservation of all birds of prey species and their habitats, and has been a successful grant giving organisation. It is based in Newent, Gloucestershire.  The Trust has been active mainly through the provision of grants to appropriate projects.  Therefore we looked for potential projects to support.   These were conducted around the world but any part funded by the Trust was under the auspices of the Trust.

burrowing owl


The work of the Trust was by definition restricted to the conservation of raptors.  However will inevitably included the conservation of their habitat.  The Trust was not restricted to any specific geographic region or type of habitat.  Raptors live in all types of habitat, so all of them have been of interest in terms of raptor conservation.  The mission encompasses both Field and Captive areas of work and one of our aims has beento accomplish this by linking the two.


The National Birds of Prey Trust had its origins in the National Birds of Prey Centre, because both were initiated by the same family.  However, the National Birds of Prey Centre is now the International Centre for Birds of Prey


Owing to the successful dispersement of our funds to many and diverse projects, we are no longer able to offer grants for research projects in future. This website will be maintained as a legacy document until a suitable home can be found for its pages in future.